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Wordcast #1 – Full Auto!

As many people likely don’t realize, I had the beginnings of a podcast with some of my hot friends.
Trouble with making more is that our schedules don’t allow us to meet as much as we’d like.  As I often say, “Life Happens.”

I know; terrible, isn’t it.

However, during my work day I often communicate directly with the customers/fans of the games via forums, chatrooms, etc.  I sometimes feel that if we just used a voice program, the discussions would be worthy of an SK podcast.

Trouble there is that the participants are often from all over the world, so there could be some language barriers – text does make the process of social intercourse much easier for everyone.

So, I have created the Wordcast – basically a chatlog of discussions with other gamers on the topics that really matter!

Wordcast #1 is a short one, yes, but it’s a start.
And, to be honest, it’s also rather a spur of the moment thing…

Anyroads, subject of the moment was a unit skill from Corvus Belli’s Infinity – Full Auto.
A skill which allows the bearer to increase the burst rating of their weapon.
How does the fluff explain this?
This question is so important, we spent at least 3 minutes discussing it:


Teslarod – Today at 10:52 AM

tbh I really think it’s good Intruders get some competition

invalidating TAGs at the same time is a little bit stupid though

MK12 is a great troop

that no one should ever run because the HMG exists

B5 for 10 points less

Shae-Konnit – Today at 10:54 AM

The MK12 sounds better I guess – it has a more deep, bass note when it fires

Macbain – Today at 10:54 AM


Teslarod – Today at 10:55 AM

MK12 + SMG is awesome with 360 Visor and Full Auto L2

just not awesome and stupid efficient

Shae-Konnit – Today at 10:58 AM

Full auto?

The skill makes the weapon cycle faster?

Sobakaa – Today at 10:59 AM

nah, they show you where the full auto switch is

all other units are firing semi-auto

it is indeed a stupid skill to have

should have introduced a new +1B mk12 and stop at that(edited)

Shae-Konnit – Today at 11:00 AM

I’m guessing what it really means is the firer has more control over the weapon so can concentrate the fire despite the recoil, etc

Teslarod – Today at 11:02 AM

no it means the gun operator has so much excess ammunition and improved feeders that he doesn’t have to worry about ammo management

which is actually a big part of drawn out firefights

with enough Ammo for a HMG you can simply mow down cover

Shae-Konnit – Today at 11:03 AM

Or he’s just that fuckin’ hard he grabs the charging handle and slams it back and forth!! >:(

That’s the CHAS version anyway – “GET OOT FASTER YE WEE BASTARDS!!”

Sobakaa – Today at 11:04 AM

he watched too much JoJo and got so hyped he now can reload the gun faster than the gas piston to make it cycle faster

Teslarod – Today at 11:04 AM

well I guess you could make Full Auto L1 a common Skill that works for any weapon with supressive fire

Shae-Konnit – Today at 11:05 AM

Just picks up the fucking bullets and throws them!!

Teslarod – Today at 11:05 AM

after using it you enter the unloaded state and have to spend an Order reloading

Sobakaa – Today at 11:05 AM

throws them real fast, because he’s a manly man

doen’t need no gun for that

Teslarod – Today at 11:07 AM

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