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Warmahordes: a few cards short of a full house.

So, it’s happening; Warmahordes minis shall no longer arrive with cards.

I suppose it was inevitable, really, what with the frequent tweaking of the rules via the errata.
In that regard, doing away with the cards makes perfect sense – why spend time and money chopping up trees and producing cards which may only be 100% accurate for a couple of months?
This is the future after all, isn’t it? We should be getting all our information digitally via hand-held computers or projected directly onto our retinas, etc.

Aside from the War Room app as a source for stats you can still get the cards; you’ll just have to print them out, yourself.

I do have the War Room, myself but there is still something to be said for having all your units’ stats laid out in front of you for quick and easy reference.  This aspect of the game has been part of its overall character as far as I’m concerned – I do admit it’ll be odd to crack open a new box and not have a stat card to marvel at and plot your new strategies.

Well, this is the path of the modern tabletop game and there are plenty of companies doing it – free stats and rules readily available for all!
With this in mind, can we really complain…?

*tchoh* of course we can!

Anyways, all new stat cards for Warmahordes can be read and printed from here:

Merry printing, readers!

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