Yuan Yuan


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“Death is our business and pillage our pay” Yuan Yuan motto painted on the side of some of their craft.

The Yuan-Yuan are scavenging, wandering pirates without a fixed headquarters, able to be signed up as mercenaries. They are outlaws despised by a society that does not mind buying their services to sacrifice them in combat. The Yuan-Yuan are good close combat fighters, undisciplined and noisy and they do it all for the money.

They live in crummy intersystem spacecraft hidden in asteroids, from where they attack cargo convoys. Their economy is based on pillage, rape and slave traffic, especially Eunuchs, whose memory and personality cannot be recorded by a Cube. For the Yuan-Yuan, violence and bloodshed has turned into a way of life, and it seems they cannot do anything that is not violent and bloody. There are no pirates sailing the asteroid-ridden star regions crueller, more bloodthirsty and desperate than they are. The Yuan-Yuan, militarily speaking, are not very precise but they know how to profit from their ability to appear where they are the least expected. They are good fighters in space but a bit awkward on the ground. For this reason, in surface operations they prefer entering combat by jumping from their aircrafts. Their vehicles, a thousand times repaired, are units stolen from a fleet or old captured transports they arm and equip with parts and supplies cannibalized from other ships. Their combat equipment is eclectic and varied, fruit of their robberies and incursions. So, when signing them up, it is better not to allow them access to installations or allow their entrance to warehouses…