Aristeia ! – Laxmee Laibon Shaman Skin


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This high-quality metal version of Laxmee offers an alternative design, perfect both for players and collectors.

The source of inspiration for the Laxmee Laibon Shaman miniature comes from her strong African background. Moreover, we decided that Laxmee’s powers work just like those of a Masai shaman.

The original Laxmee can be found in the Soldiers of Fortune (SoF) expansion.

Remember: You’ll need the expansion in order to play with Laxmee ‘Laibon Shaman’, because the tactics cards for the character are not included.


  • 1x Laxmee “Laibon Shaman” Miniature
  • 4x Character Card (1 por language)
  • 1x Initiative card


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